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Solution TitleHow to optimize a Submit Hierarchy in Switch?
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There are different combinations of settings possible in the submit point that pickup the same files. Most people enter the name of the folder where all the files to process are stored. This way Switch has to check each folder in the folder structure if it matches the given folder name. It can be a good idea to optimize these settings if you have a very large folder structure. We can do this by minimizing the number of folders that Switch has to check. This way Switch can check a big folder structure in a shorter period of time.


1. Subfolder levels
Search for the location that is deepest in the folder structure with jobs that have to be processed. Check the subfolder level of this folder and set the "Subfolder levels" setting to this number. Setting an unnecessary large number can have a negative effect on the time it takes for Switch to check the folder structure.

2. Check if there is any folder on the first subfolder level that can be completely ignored (including all subfolders) by Switch. If there is, please set a rule in the Submit Hierarchy to ignore this folder. Doing this makes that Switch can ignore all subfolders, this can greatly improve the time it takes for Switch to check the folder structure.

3. Repeat step 2 for all subfolder levels.

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