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Solution TitleHow to move PitStop Server from one computer to another.
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I would like to move PitStop Server to a new computer. What are the steps to do this?


For PitStop Server 08 and higher

Since PitStop Server 08, all PitStop Server versions support the 'Export Hot Folder' feature, which allows the user to export a complete Hot Folder setup, including all defined paths for the Hot Folders themselves and the Preflight Profile, Action Lists, ICC profiles, and all other settings used in that particular Hot Folder.

Steps to follow:

1) Export all Hot Folders and take note of the application preferences

2) Deactivate the Product Key (or log out if you are using a subscription)

3) Install PitStop Server on your new computer

4) Activate your product key (or sign in if you are using a subscription) on the new computer and set the preferences

5) Import the Hot Folders


Earlier than PitStop Server 08
Moving Hot Folders is a manual task for older versions. All steps are described in detail in this PDF: Moving Hot Folders for PitStop Server 4 or older versions.
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