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Solution TitleHow to manually start the Switch service to retrieve extra information when having problems.
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Use the instructions below to start the service manually:
1. Go to Task Manager, stop the Switch_Service.exe process
2. Go to the Command Line (Start > Run > Type Cmd)
3. CD to C:\Program Files\Enfocus\Enfocus Switch <version number>
4. Type "Run Switch_Service.exe -e -v"
5. A log will be created in the DOS window

1. Go to the Activity Monitor and stop the Switch_Service process
2. Open the Terminal App
3. Open the package (can be found in Applications/Enfocus/Enfocus Switch <version number>), you can do this by holding down the CTRL button, clicking on and choosing open package contents.
4. In that package, browse to Contents/Mac OS/Switch_Service
5. Drag this file on your Terminal, and add the command -e -v
6. Execute this command by entering
7. A log will be created in the Terminal

Collect the output from the DOS Window or your Terminal in a text file and send that to Enfocus Support.

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