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Solution TitleHow to install custom made PDF Queues with Instant PDF.
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You have made a number of PDF Queues you want your customers to use, but you do not want them to go through installing the PDF Queues one by one, once they've installed Instant PDF.

Enfocus now offers the option to automatically install your own PDF Queues on your clients' computer the moment the client executes the Instant PDF installer.


In order to install your own PDF Queues, you need to create all PDF Queues you need using Instant PDF 3 and export them.
Each PDF Queue will result in a *.epq file. Put all these *.epq files together in one folder; name this folder ThirdPartyPDFQueues.
An empty file, without extension and named 'InstallThirdPartyPDFQueues' should be placed in that folder too.
This folder needs to be placed at the same level as the Instant PDF installer is, so it should be next to the installer when looking in folder view. The moment the installer is launched, Instant PDF will be installed, including the PDF Queues in the folder.

You can choose not to install the standard Enfocus PDF Queues next to your custom one(s) by adding an empty text file that has no extension with the following name in the ThirdPartyPDFQueues folder: DontInstallDefaultPDFQueues

If the new InstantPDF 3 is installed on a computer where a copy of InstantPDF 2 is present, you also have the option to keep the InstantPDF 2 Queues and update them automatically to work with version 3 too. To do so, use a text file with no content and no extension with exactly one of these names:

  • DontConvertInstant2PDFQueues
  • ConvertInstant2PDFQueues

The easiest way to distribute this would be to make a CD for the customers where the installer and the folder containing your PDF Queues are next to each other.
If you want to allow customers to download this, you'll have to make sure you create a downloadable package that contains both the installer and the ThirdPartyPDFQueues folder in the correct hierarchy.

!! New in Instant PDF 3.5: add your company logo to the installer !!

You can replace the splash screen and the about screen artwork.

  • On Windows, put 2 files "Enfocus Instant PDF OEM 1.bmp" & "Enfocus Instant PDF OEM 2.bmp" in the "C:Documents and
    SettingsAll UsersApplication DataEnfocus Prefs Folder".
    The size is 400*300 for the splash screen and 180*330
    for the about screen.
  • On Mac OSX, you'll find a file called "Instant PDF.rsrc" inside the Instant PDF package contents (Contents:Resources:Instant PDF.rsrc). You can take this file, overwrite the 1900 and 1901 PICT resources with your own image and overwrite the "Instant PDF.rsrc" file in our resource after Instant PDF is installed.
    Be aware that you need the appropriate OSX permissions to overwrite this file AND that this file corresponds with a specific Instant PDF version.
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