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Solution TitleHow to edit objects that are covered by other objects.
Solution Number00000480
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There are two ways to select objects that are 'hidden' under other objects:
  • By working in wireframe mode
    If you work in wireframe mode, you can select objects that are lying under other objects, as only the edge of the objects will be shown on the screen. You can enable wireframe mode by using the middle button in the View Buttons list.
  • By hiding objects that are on top
When selecting an object using the PitStop Select Tool, you can use the ‘Hide Selection' option in the PitStop Pro menu (PitStop Pro Menu > Object > Hide Selection). In older versions, you can find ‘PitStop Hide Selection’ under the edit menu of Acrobat. The selected item(s) will be hidden, allowing you to select the objects on the next level.
At the end, you'll have to use the option 'Show All' to make all of your objects visible again (PitStop Pro menu > Object > Show All). In previous versions, use the option “PitStop Show All.”


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