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Solution TitleHow do I do a preflight check on 4 colors (3 spot colors and K)?
Solution Number00000479
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I would like to get an error when CMY is used in my document, because I only want 4 separations and these should exist out of 3 spot colors and K.

Please set up a Preflight Profile so that an error is given when you have more than four separations, see screenshot on where you have to set this up.

Make sure the check is enabled to not count that separation if the tint is 0%. For example, when you have an object with C = 0%, M = 0%, Y = 0% and K has any value, then only one separation will be counted.

As CMYK is also exactly 4 separations, we should ensure an error is produced whenever CMYK colors (other than CMYK black) are found. This will be done using an Action List.

See following screenshots on how the Action List should be set up:

Please check out the User Guide on how to make new Action Lists or PDF Profiles and how to embed Action Lists into the Preflight Profile. See this solution on how to find the documentation.


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