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Solution TitleFailed to add or update the hot folder
Solution Number00000473
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When trying to edit or create a new hot folder, the "Failed to add or update the hot folder" message is shown.


The PitStop Server monitor (UI) communicates with PitStop Server Watchdog in the background, so make sure that you answer "yes" to the question if "you want to start PitStop Server Watchdog" when starting PitStop Server. Otherwise, you will not be able to create or edit hot folders.

To check if your PitStop Server Watchdog is running or not, you can open up your Activity Monitor ( or Task Manager ( and check all running processes. In the running processes, there should be a couple of processes with PitStop Server in the name; if not, then you know that your Watchdog is not running.

If the Watchdog is not running, close your PitStop Server and restart it again. The message about the Watchdog will be shown; answer "yes" and you will be able to edit and create hot folders.

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