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Solution TitleConverting impure Gray (RGB) to CMYK.
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A common problem for files that need to go to print is that they contain what is called impure Gray. This gray is made of RGB colors that describe gray (R equals G equals B). Before going to print, these colors need to be converted into CMYK, in such a way that they only end up on the black plate.

An example might make this easier to understand: imagine a file that contains gray text with R = G = B = 70%. Before going to print you'll want this text converted into CMYK, such that C = M = Y = 0 and K = 30%. (Remember that RGB is additive and thus the inverse of CMYK). In an Action List in PitStop you can insert an action called "Remap Color". This action has an option to convert this impure gray into the correct CMYK gray. While this action seems to work perfectly when Color Management in PitStop is turned off, it yields strange results when color management is switched on.


When Color Management is turned on, it is the Color Management engine that determines how colors should be converted from RGB into CMYK. As such it depends on the profiles you have selected how the actual conversion is done.

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