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Solution TitleChange the default values in a Global Change
Solution Number00000465
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It is not possible to edit the default values for a Global Change that is in the “Standard” folder. However, Pitstop Pro will allow you to create a local copy of any Global Change. Use this to create new Global Changes specific to your needs.

  • First edit the Standard Global Change, then once it has been verified to work correctly, right-click (CTRL-click on Mac) and choose “Save as Global Change”, enter a new name for the Global Change and click OK. 
  • Now a new Global Change will be in the “Local” folder with the settings and name specified.
  • It will then be possible to run the custom Global Change without editing the properties.
Note: In newer versions of PitStop Pro, you can Right-click to "duplicate" the Global Change prior to editing or, after editing a "Standard" Global Change, you will be prompted to save it so that the edited version will be in the "Local" category.
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