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Solution TitleCannot navigate in the document after clicking hyperlink in preflight report.
Solution Number00000461
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I opened up my preflight report in PitStop Professional 7. I click one of the hyperlinks in the preflight report to browse to the different objects that refer to the hyperlink. Instead, I'm getting the following message "Cannot navigate into the document. The link you followed is from an unsupported Preflight Report version. Please preflight again." 


You opened a preflight report coming from Instant PDF 3.6x or lower, from PitStop Server 3.6x or lower, from PitStop Professional 6.53x or lower, or from PitStop Automate 1.x in a PitStop Professional 7.x.

The report database in PitStop Professional 7 has completely changed, which causes the navigation not to work anymore when it concerns "older" preflight reports.


Repreflight your file in PitStop Professional 7.x.

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