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Solution TitleAre the Enfocus products compatible with virtualisation software?
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My product is not running correctly.


It could be that the OS version that you are running on is not in the system requirements list or you are running our software on a VMware or virtual machine.


For each Enfocus product, the officially supported operating systems are listed on our website (
In order to find this information, please browse to the ‘Products’ sections of the site, click the product you want to see more details about and next choose ‘System requirements’ from the left index column.
All operating systems listed in those ‘System requirements’ section are part of the full Quality Assurance test cycles Enfocus performs for each of his products. Other operating systems are not guaranteed to be compatible with your preferred Enfocus product(s). Of course you are free to try installing it on any other operating system, but we can’t assure the software to run flawlessly there.
Operating systems ran within virtual machines and VMware applications are considered to be different operating systems as the ones installed on hardware directly. Sometimes not all operating system functionality (such as printer drivers etc) is present when running on virtual OS’s or VMware.It is also good to know the Enfocus products use 3td party libraries for some functionalities such as activation, FTP, email, ... . Some of these libraries are not supported in virtual environments and that might cause the Enfocus products not to function correctly or not to function at all.

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