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Solution TitleSelected objects appear offset and reduced when using the PitStop Select Object tool.
Solution Number00000429
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When selecting elements using the PitStop Select Object tool, the selections appear offset and reduced from the actual selected objects. The offsets can be significant and even appear as though items are selected off of the page.  

Many Apple devices are now using the Retina Display LCD screens which claim to have enough pixel density to eliminate pixelation detected by the human eye at typical viewing distances. Working within Adobe Acrobat Pro/Standard, in combination with a Retina Display device, is causing a visual misrepresentation of selected objects. This is an Acrobat issue which also effects any plug-ins running within Acrobat, such as PitStop Pro.

To remedy the situation outlined above, simply change the viewing resolution of the Adobe Acrobat Pro/Standard application by following the steps listed below:
  1. Navigate to the Adobe Acrobat application, typically found in the Mac HD > Applications > Adobe Acrobat [version number] folder
  2. Right click on the Adobe Acrobat Pro/ and select "Get Info"
  3. Check the box for "Open in Low Resolution"
  4. Relaunch Adobe Acrobat and ensure the tool is now functioning correctly

Update: Acrobat added support for Retina displays in version 11.0.07, so these issues should not happen anymore with in this version of Acrobat (or in higher versions). You can find more information on this Adobe page.

If you think you have the issue in Acrobat DC, then you might encounter this issue instead.

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