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Solution TitlePitStop Pro's Ink Coverage values are different compared to Adobe Acrobat Output Preview values. How can I fix this?
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The PitStop Pro Eye Dropper in its "Ink Coverage" setting and the improved "Check ink coverage" action both take into account every parameter that contributes to the color of a certain point on the page. This includes transparency, blend modes, overprint, managed color conversions, and high precision color values. Therefore, the color values picked by the Eye Dropper should match the color percentages shown in the Adobe Acrobat Output Preview window. And, the ink coverage levels logged by the Check action should also match the levels shown by Adobe Acrobat Output Preview.

The PitStop Pro Ink Coverage values and the Acrobat Output Preview values can only be different when different color management settings are used for the calculations. It is necessary to have the exact same settings in both Acrobat and PitStop Pro to get the same result.

You can ensure that both PitStop Pro and Acrobat use the same color management settings using the following steps:

1) Make sure PitStop Pro uses the same ICC profiles as Adobe Acrobat. The easiest way to accomplish this, is to set the PitStop Pro Color Management Preferences to "Use settings from Acrobat." This will sync PitStop's ICC profile preferences with Acrobat's "Working Spaces" ICC profiles.

2) Use the same color management engine for PitStop Pro and Adobe Acrobat. Since the preset "Use settings from Acrobat" uses "Adobe CMM," it's best to go to the Acrobat Color Management Preferences and select "Adobe CMM" there also. Note that this is a different option than "Adobe (ACE)," which is not available in PitStop.

3) Use the same black point compensation setting for PitStop Pro and Adobe Acrobat. Again, since the PitStop Pro preset "Use settings from Acrobat" enables black point compensation, it's best to go to the Acrobat Color Management Preferences and enable it there also.

4) Use the same target CMYK ICC profile. Adobe Acrobat only sets source ICC profiles in its "Working Spaces" preference. When PitStop Pro is set to "Use settings from Acrobat," it syncs these source profiles and uses them as both source and target profiles. But Acrobat's Output Preview specifies a separate "Simulation Profile" as target profile.

This Output Preview Simulation Profile has to match PitStop Pro's target CMYK profile. It is not part of Acrobat's general preferences, so it cannot be synced into the PitStop Pro preferences. You have to set it manually to match the PitStop Pro target CMYK profile, which (if the PitStop Pro Color Management Preferences are set to "Use settings from Acrobat") is the same as Acrobat's CMYK Working Space profile.
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