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Solution TitleI am getting an error message saying "No Color Management Support Available;" how can I fix this?
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When trying to convert colors I am getting a message stating that no color management support is available.

This is most likely related to an incorrect setting of your color management preferences.

In PitStop Pro, there are a number of color management options and these will be used when doing a color conversion. So, in this case, it could be that an ICC profile is no longer available or it is corrupt or a color management engine is selected that is not available.
Open your PitStop Pro preferences > Color management > Select your current Color management preset and double-click it to open up the editor. Check all the settings to make sure that ICC profiles are installed and available and that as CMM engine you have selected a color management engine that is not showing a "not available" message. 

You could change the ICC profiles and/or color management engine and then re-try to see if the same error is given or not. 

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