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Solution TitleMy Connectors, SwitchClients and/or WebServices can't connect to Switch anymore after I updated to Switch 12, update 1. How can I fix this?
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My Connectors, SwitchClients and/or WebServices can’t connect to Switch anymore after I updated to Switch 12, update 1 or higher.

Switch uses the OpenSSL library to encrypt information sent between client applications and Switch itself and it was affected by the Heartbleed Bug in this library. You can find more information on the consequences of this issue on this page. In Switch 12, update 1, we adjusted the OpenSSL library so the Heartbleed Bug is not present anymore.
A part of the encryption mechanism is the usage of certificates. There is a chance that the certificates used in Switch 12 have been exposed because of the Heartbleed Bug, therefore it is necessary that Switch 12, update 1 uses new certificates to encrypt the communication.
The downside of this is that all client applications (SwitchClient, Connectors and WebServices) which are still using the old certificates are no longer able to connect to Switch 12, update 1.

You can configure Switch 12, update 1 to use the old certificates again to allow communication with client applications that still use the old certificates. You can do this by setting “Allow older clients to connect (less secure)” in the “Internal communication” category of the Switch preferences to Yes. However, we do advise to use new versions of the client applications which use the new certificates where possible.

The upcoming Enfocus Connect 12 release will use the new certificates. Until this version is released, it will be necessary to set the setting mentioned above to Yes. After the upgrade it will be necessary to recreate your Connectors with the new version.

If you are experiencing the issue in SwitchClient or a webservice, then we advise to also update these to version 12, update 1. You can get SwitchClient 12, update 1 and the Switch WebServices SDK 12, update 1 via your local reseller. It is possible to enable the setting above while your reseller handles your request. (It will be necessary to disable it again after you have updated SwitchClient and/or the webservice.)

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