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Solution TitleHow do I turn on crop marks, bleeds, or print spreads from InDesign with Connect YOU?
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Instant PDF had settings under the "Output Options" for InDesign and Illustrator so that you can switch on these features. These settings were used by Instant PDF to derive the PDF Settings to be used within the CS (InDesign and Illustrator) products automatically. These options cannot be set in the Distiller PDF Settings files…they are specific to the applications.

How to setup crops, marks and bleed in Connect:
•    Open InDesign.
•    Select "Adobe PDF Presets" from under the File menu and Edit.
•    Import the needed PDF Settings file, if needed.
•    Edit the file and switch on the settings as needed — Spreads is under the General tab. Marks and Bleeds are under the "Marks and Bleeds" tab.
•    Save the new Preset to the Desktop.
•    Re-import into Connect under the Printer tab and select the new Preset.

This is something you only need to do once. Once completed, you can apply the modified Preset to any Connect Project.


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