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Solution TitleAll network communication on the system is stopping when using Switch 12 on Windows. How can I fix this?
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I am running Switch 12 or higher on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 and all network communication on my system has stopped after running Switch for a while. This results in a ‘Switch Designer can’t connect to the Switch Service’ message in Switch and can also result in errors from other applications installed on the system which can’t make a network connections anymore. I had to reboot the system to resolve the issue.

This issue doesn’t happen on Mac, is not triggered by Switch versions older than version 12, and doesn’t involve any crashes of the Switch Service. 


We made some changes in Switch 12 which might trigger an existing problem in Windows that results in network communication failure. The Switch Designer uses network communication to communicate with the Switch Service, therefore you receive a ‘Switch Designer can’t connect to the Switch Service’ message.


Microsoft has provided a hotfix for the problem and our testing confirms this hotfix resolves the issue. Please, download the hotfix from the following page and reboot the system to resolve the issue.

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