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Solution TitleSwitch Service is using nearly 100% of the CPU Resources
Solution Number00000408
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In some cases, users that have upgraded to Switch 12 have found that the Switch Service is occupying nearly 100% CPU usage when compared to a previous version of Switch while using the same identical flows. In flows that contain two or more input channels or intermediate folders (a user selected input folder, a Submit Hierarchy element, or a user selected folder with incoming connections, for example), which are scanning an identical directory at the same time, will cause Switch to use an entire core of CPU processing power per flow.

Example scenario: On a dual-core system, a Switch configuration with one flow containing two Submit Hierarchy elements, pointing to the same remote directory, would cause the Switch Service to use 50% of the CPU resources. (One flow with two redundant input channels would be occupying one of the two cores or 50%.) If this same system then added another flow with the same configuration, the system would now be using 100% of the CPU resources.

The above behavior would also be found if a flow contains two intermediate folders (folders with incoming connections) which are polling the same remote directory.

The simple solution is to remove a redundant input channel or intermediate folder. In some cases however, the redundant input channels are established to allow jobs to be released and processed at different intervals. This can still be achieved with one input channel followed by a "Hold Job Element" with multiple outgoing connections, each with their respective properties.

This issue is not limited to Switch version 12 as redundant input channels and intermediate folders in the same flow can potentially cause difficulties in any version.
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