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Solution TitleOutput Intent varies within Connect YOU/ALL compared to Instant PDF
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Many default Connectors within Connect YOU and Connect ALL use Preflight Profiles that contain Fix-up's for a variety of PDF Standards, one of which includes Output Intent.  Using the Newspaper Ads Connector for example, the PDF/X-1a:2001 compliance fix-up states the following, "If Output Intent is not PDF/X compliant > Set ICC profile to > ISOnewspaper26v4".  Instant PDF has an identical Queue with the same Preflight Profile however files output through each application will typically create a file with differing Output Intents.  This situation is caused by the manner in which each application generates a PDF file.  When a PDF file is created with a Connect product, the Output Intent is often already identified by the Adobe PDF Preset or in some cases is set to use "Document Color" or the applications default color settings.  In either scenario, the Preflight Profile reads the incoming Output Intent profile, which is in fact PDF/X compliant and therefore does not alter the Output Intent of the file.  Unlike Connect, Instant PDF receives a PostScript file, incapable of defining an Output Intent, and therefore the Preflight Profile detects this as a non-compliant profile and then assigns "ISOnewspaper26v4", in the case of using the Newspaper Ads Queue.

To ensure that the a specific Output Intent is used within a PDF file generated by Connect YOU or Connect ALL, examine and adjust the Adobe PDF Presets used by the Connector or adjust the application's default color spaces.  You can also use Enfocus PitStop Pro to generate a custom Action List to assign an Output Intent of your choice and this custom Action List can be added to the Connector settings to confirm proper Output Intent profile usage.
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