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Solution TitleI have activated my Floating Key, but my users still show "No License Found"
Solution Number00000403
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I have activated my floating license and followed the steps in the solution Activating Floating Keys, but my users are still not receiving licenses and have "No License Found" messages in the PitStop Pro license window.


This applies to Workgroup Manager servers that are running on Mac only. The license server may have a problem communicating internally and the following steps need to be taken.


A line needs to be added to the host file on the Mac Workgroup Manager server only. The computer name and IP address need to be added to the host file. You can find the host file here: /private/etc/hosts  

You may need to duplicate the file, make the changes, then replace the original file once the changes are made.

To open it, simply double-click and it will display the file’s contents in TextEdit (or the text editor of your choice). To edit the file, you’ll add your own lines after broadcasthost. Add the IP and computer name of the Workgroup Manager computer. 

Be sure to use the full, correct host name. It may be different from what is shown in the User Interface. 

For example:

Once this is done, stop and start the License Service by executing "Stop Service," then "Start Service" from the Enfocus License Server folder in the Applications folder.


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