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Solution TitleFonts cannot be outlined due to permissions
Solution Number00000397
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While executing an Action List or Global Change to outline fonts, in some cases the error message "Font "X" could not be converted to outlines: the font permissions do not allow this…" may appear, prohibiting the outlining of a particular font.  This message is the result of licensing set forth by the font vendor and is included with the font information of a PDF file.


Create a new Action List and enable  "Check Font Licensing" to scan incoming files for this type of licensing.  Use it on its own or incorporate in a Preflight Profile.  This will help identify this condition earlier in a workflow.

When this error is detected, you cannot execute any automated features to outline fonts (Global Changes or Action Lists in PitStop Pro or PitStop Server, for example), however you can select the text with the PitStop Selection Tool in PitStop Pro and choose "Convert Text to Outlines" from within the PitStop Inspector (in the Text category and within the Actions sub menu), you will need to acknowledge a dialog box but the text will now be outlined after this point.  Acknowledgement of this dialog box assumes that permission has been granted by the font vendor for font outlining and is not intended to be used as a workaround to achieve this result.

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