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Solution TitleIs flattening done before running Action List and Preflight Profile or after?
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I have one hot folder set up to flatten transparency and to preflight my files. It seems that I have to process the files twice in order to get the transparency flattened in a way that my objects are transparent and visually as wanted.

If you set up a hot folder with an Action List and/or a Preflight Profile and you also enable the transparency flattening, the question is does PitStop Server first flatten transparency and then process the Action List and/or Preflight Profile or does it process the Action List and/or Preflight Profile first and then flatten transparency?


Flattening is done first. If we would preflight first, then the report and certified status would become irrelevant after flattening.

The most obvious example is a Preflight Profile that gives an error if transparency is used. If we were to preflight first, that would log an error in the preflight database that transparency is used. The document status is "preflighted with errors." Then we flatten, removing all transparency. So now the error in the report database is wrong since there is no longer transparency; and, the document status becomes "not preflighted," because the PDF was changed after preflighting.

For the report and the certified status to have any meaning, preflighting must be the last step in any process.

Make several hot folders, and connect them. Meaning, your output folder of your first hot folder has to be the input folder of your second hot folder; the one that is set to flatten transparency.

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