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Solution TitleAcrobat is crashing with PitStop Pro installed
Solution Number00000393
Solution Details
There can be several reasons why Acrobat crashes with PitStop Pro installed.  Below is the list of things to check in order.

Cause 1: Corrupted Preferences
Please backup any custom Action Lists or Preflight Profiles before deleting the Preferences.

C:\Users\<User>\Roaming\ Enfocus Prefs Folder\Action Lists
C:\Users\<User>\Roaming\ Enfocus Prefs Folder\PDF Profiles

/Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/Action Lists/
/Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/PDF Profiles/

Quit Acrobat and move the Enfocus Preferences folder to the desktop and see if the issue continues.
  • Mac: /Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/
  • Windows: C:/Users/AppData/Roaming/Enfocus Prefs Folder and C:/Documents & Settings/All users/Application data/Enfocus Prefs Folder/
If the issue is resolved, you will have to set up your Preferences again (units, color management, etc.):
  • To restore your custom Action Lists and Preflight Profiles, you can re-import them into PitStop Pro.
  • To import, right click on the Local Folder in the Action List panel and the Preflight Panel and choose import.
  • They will be located in the Enfocus Prefs Folder you moved to the desktop.
If you do not have custom Action Lists and Preflight Profiles, then you don't need to do anything further.

Cause 2: Insufficient permissions
Please make sure that the user which you run Acrobat has full read and write permissions on the following folders:

C:/ProgramData/Enfocus Prefs Folder
C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe
C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Acrobat <version>
C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Acrobat/Acrobat/Plug -ins

/Applications/Adobe Acrobat <version> Pro/
/Applications/Adobe Acrobat <version> Pro/Adobe Acrobat
/Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/
/Library/Application Support/Enfocus/PitStop Pro
/Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/

Cause 3: Issues that are version specific
  • PitStop Pro v12.2 hangs Acrobat. Solution: Upgrade to PitStop Pro v.12.3 (Where to download older installers)
  • PitStop Pro v13 has a conflict with Prinergy DotShop Plug-in. Solution: Update the Prinergy DotShop Plug-in to the latest version or remove it. More info can be found on this page.

Cause 4: Corrupt Install
If the solutions listed above did not resolve the issue, a clean uninstall and reinstall is recommended.

Clean Install on Mac
Clean install on Windows

Cause 5: Proxy Settings:
Acrobat Crashes immediately or won't launch at all with PitStop Pro v.13 installed.

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