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Solution TitleCreate file with objects of only a specific spot color
Solution Number00000388
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Is it possible to use PitStop Pro to select all objects that are using a spot color, then copy those objects and create a new file?


It currently isn't possible to use PitStop Pro to copy objects based on a specific parameter (color, font, etc.) from one PDF to another. However, by first copying the entire file, then using an Action List to eliminate all objects that do not use the specific spot color (or colors), this can be accomplished. 

In general, this can be accomplished in the Action List using the selection tools: First using a “Select All,” then using the “NOT” operator in conjunction with the “Select Specific Color” action, then joining the two selections with an “AND” operator, and finally removing the resulting selection. This will effectively select “everything AND NOT the spot color,” leaving the spot colored objects unselected. The non-spot color objects are then removed.

If specific examples are needed, please feel free to contact us at Enfocus Support

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