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Solution TitleSwitch Client has suddenly stopped working and I cannot submit jobs
Solution Number00000386
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I am unable to submit files via Switch Client even though nothing has changed on my Switch Server or Switch Client.


This can be caused by an large amount of files on the Switch Server in the local user 'temp' folder.


Delete all or most of the temp files located in the 'temp' folder.
  • Be sure to stop all Switch Processes first. You can double check that all processes are stopped in Task Manager/Activity Monitor.
  • Delete temp files from this folder:
    • Windows: C:\Users\<Switch User>\AppData\Local\temp
    • Mac: Hit Command + Shift + G and then type in /tmp. This will take you to the temp folder on a Mac.
  • Restart Switch Services and see if the issue is resolved.

This issue is fixed in Switch 2017. Please upgrade to Switch 2017 or higher to avoid having this issue in the future.

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