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Solution TitleI am getting the Error message "Enfocus PitStop Server LibProcessor has stopped working"
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I am getting the error "Enfocus PitStop Server LibProcessor has stopped working"


The PitStop Server preferences may have been corrupted. To resolve this you will need to take the following steps:

  • Quit all PitStop Server processes in Activity Monitor/Task Manager
  • Move the PitStop Server Preferences Folder to the desktop; you can find this folder here:
    • Mac: HD>Library>Preferences>EnfocusPrefsFolder>PitStop Server
    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Enfocus Prefs Folder\PitStop Server
  • Once you move the folder, launch PitStop Server again. All of your Hot Folders will not be there, which is normal.
  • Quit all PitStop Server processes again in Activity Monitor/Task Manager

A new PitStop Server folder will have been created by the previous step. 

To restore your Hot Folders, copy (overwrite) the following file and folder back to the locations listed above.

  • Hot Folders
  • PitStopServerWatchdog.sprefs

Start PitStop Server again and your Hot Folders will be restored.

More Information

If the error persists after completing the steps above, please see the following solutions. The error can also be caused by another process such as Indexing/Backup software or Anti-virus software accessing the PDFs at the same time as PitStop Server. 

The following solutions will give you the next steps to try to resolve these causes:

Can I make PitStop Server watch the folders instead of the OS?

What about anti-virus software and Enfocus?



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