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Solution TitleHow to upgrade PitStop Server using an upgrade key
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I have purchased a PitStop Server upgrade key. How do I use this upgrade key?

If you have received an upgrade key, that means that you used an older version key to buy the latest version.
It is required to have that full key activated on the same system where you will use your new version upgrade key.

For example, you have purchased version 12 for an upgrade price by using your version 10 key. 
You need the full version 10 key and the upgrade to version 12 key active on the same system in order to run v12.

In some cases, there may be a full key and an upgrade key on the existing PitStop Server. For instance, you may be running v11 with a full v10 key and and upgrade to v11 key.
In that case, you will need the full v10 key, the upgrade to v11 key and the upgrade to v12 key in order to run v12.


If you wish to upgrade your existing PitStop Server, then you only need to follow these steps:

1) Quit PitStop Server and all PitStop Server processes in Activity Monitor/Task Manager
2) Run the installer for the new version
3) Enter the upgrade key. The full version key will still be active on the system.
If you wish to move your PitStop Server to a new computer, then follow these steps:

1) Export all Hot Folders and take note of the application preferences
2) Deactivate the Product Key(s)
3) Install the new upgrade version of PitStop Server on your new computer
4) Activate your product keys, the previous full version key and the upgrade key(s) on the new computer and set the preferences
5) Import the Hot Folders

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