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Solution TitleHow to solve "There are no more licenses available for this product key." when activating a product key?
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Activation is hardware linked, this means that a product key will be linked to the hardware you activate it on.
Depending on the kind of license you've purchased - a single license key or a volume license key - it will be possible to activate it on 1 or more machines.

As soon as the number of activations allowed by your license is used, a next attempt to activate the key on a different set of hardware will result in the message "There are no more licenses available for this product key." and will not allow you to activate another copy.

The solution is to ensure you free up the license by deactivating it on the computer it is active on. As soon as that is done, the license will be available to be activated on another machine.
If you no longer have the Enfocus product installed on the original computer, you can install and use the Local License Manager on that machine in order to deactivate your product key(s).
The Local License Manager can be downloaded here.
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