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Solution TitleI am getting a Content Stream error when I open a PDF. What is this and how can I fix it?
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I am getting Content Stream Errors with PitStop Pro installed.  Opening the same file without PitStop installed, does not trigger that error.


Whenever a problem in the PDF code is detected, that error is returned by PitStop.

While a PDF to us is a file with text, images, and other objects, it is in fact a list of code. A code which describes each piece of content, what exactly it is, where it is located, its properties, etc.

Just like a programming code, PDF code has to obey a number of rules. That set of rules is named the 'PDF Specification'. Every application producing, opening and changing PDFs have to follow the same rules. Applications not following the rules might produce PDFs that cause problems for other PDF applications.

If PitStop returns a content stream error, that means that something in the files does not conform to the PDF Specification.

Acrobat at times does not follow the PDF specification as closely or simply ignores the problem, which is why you don’t get the error without PitStop Pro installed.


You can frequently resolve the issue by taking the following steps.

- Open the file in Acrobat
- Use the Acrobat text tool to add some text
- Use the Acrobat selection tool to remove that text
- Save As

The step of adding and removing text is needed to make Acrobat believe something changed and a 'save the file' is enabled. Make sure not to remove any other objects while doing this.

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