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Solution TitleI have upgraded to Switch 2017 or newer and now my Adobe configurators are not working anymore. How can I fix this?
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The Adobe configurators in old Switch versions had code written in C++ which was included in Switch itself.  This had the downside that for each new version of the Creative Suite we had to release a new version of Switch in order to be compatible.

In Switch 13 of Switch we introduced scripted versions of the Adobe configurators. These have the benefit that they can be updated without having to install a new version of Switch.

Switch 13 still includes the old C++ code configurators which are included in Switch itself. It is possible to Switch between the old C + code configurators and the scripted configurators by installing different versions of the configurator via Pack Manager. When a dummy configurator is installed via Pack Manager Switch 13 knows it has to use the C++ configurators.

The old C++ code is compatible with old versions of the Creative Suite and the scripted versions introduce compatibility with new versions of the Creative Suite.

Unlike Switch 13, Switch version 2017 and newer have been developed to only support the Scripted Configurators for Adobe products.  This decision was based, in part, on considering the system requirements necessary for running Switch 2017 and finding that the older Adobe Software titles would in most cases not be supported in this environment. 

For users upgrading to Switch 2017 (or newer) without a scripted version of the configurator installed, an error will alert will prompt: “Warning : Flow object is invalid: the required flow element is not loaded"

The versions of the creative suite applications which are working with the old C++ code are:

Adobe Acrobat Distiller 10, 11
Adobe Acrobat Professional 10, 11
Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC, CC2014
Adobe InDesign CS6, CC, CC2014
Adobe InDesign Server CS6, CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC, CC2014

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Distiller 11, Adobe Acrobat Professional 11, Adobe Illustrator CC 2014, Adobe InDesign CC 2014 or Adobe PhotoShop CC 2014 or a more recent version, then you can fix the issue by simply updating to a scripted version of the configurator. You can do so like this:

Use menu Help/Manage configurators in Switch
Click on the configurator you wish to update
Click the update button
Use menu File/Stop Switch Server
Reconnect to Switch again

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Distiller 10, Adobe Acrobat Professional 10, Adobe Illustrator CS 6 or CC, Adobe InDesign CS 6 or CC, Adobe InDesign Server CS6 or CC or Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC, then there is no scripted configurator available.

The first option you have is to upgrade to a version of the Creative Suite which has a scripted version available.

The second option is to downgrade Switch back to version 13. You can find a Switch 13 installer on the old product installers page.

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