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Solution TitleHow come my product key is not shown in 'My products'-overview on the Enfocus website?
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I have an Enfocus product but my keys and products are not shown on the "My Products" overview when I sign in on the Enfocus website with my Enfocus ID.


When signing in at the Enfocus website portal, an overview of activated licenses, including installers, can be found by clicking on the Enfocus ID name > Enfocus Products > My Products.
If this information appears to be incomplete or inaccurate, it’s possible that:
  • A given product/license was activated using a different Enfocus ID from what was used to log in at
  • The activation was fulfilled using an older, discontinued Activation Account vs. an Enfocus ID.  Only activations using an Enfocus ID will be supported when logged in to
  • Either a Floating or Volume key has been activated.

  • Sign-out of the Enfocus Website portal and then sign-back in using the correct Enfocus ID used to activate a license.
  • To change the Enfocus ID associated with an activated license, within your product, go to the About Panel of your Enfocus application and proceed to deactivate the license and sign-out.   Once the license is deactivated, proceed to sign-in using the correct Enfocus ID and re-activate the license. 
  • For those licenses that have been activated using an obsolete Activation Account, 1st create an Enfocus ID at the following web-link: Link.  With a valid Enfocus ID, choose to deactivate your license and then re-activate using your new Enfocus ID.
  • Even when activated within an Enfocus ID, Floating and Volume licenses are not shown when logged in at  Switch licenses are also not shown.

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