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Solution TitleI receive a 'Major Error code, Minor error code" message when trying to activate my product key
Solution Number00000759
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In order to fix this issue, please follow the below steps in order. Note it is important to be logged in as an administrator user when activating the software.

  1. Verify the version of the Enfocus product you have installed is supported on your operating system and with the Acrobat version you have installed. On overview of all system requirements can be found on this this page:
    If the version you are running is not compatible with the operating system or Acrobat version, ensure to fix that before proceeding.

  2. Use the Enfocus Local License Manager to verify the key is not activated yet - and if it's not - to activate your product key. Make sure all Adobe and Enfocus applications are closed when doing so.
    The most recent version of the Local License Manager can be downloaded for free from this page:

  3. If step 1 and 2 are completed and didn't solve the issue, execute these steps. Note you'll have to reactivate any other Enfocus products you have on your system to complete this procedure:
  • Go to the FLEXnet folder:
    Mac: HD: Library: Preferences: FLEXnet Publisher: FLEXnet
    Win: C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet
  • Delete all files inthere that have 'esko' in their filename
  • Empty the trash bin
  • Start the Local License Manager and activate your product key
  • If you have any other Enfocus software installed, you'll have to re-activate them too

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