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Solution TitleSwitch 2017 is crashing when it is closed down
Solution Number00000769
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There is an issue in Switch 2017 where it crashes in combination with the ProofMaster configurator. This configurator is no longer installed with Switch since 2012 and hence has not been tested with Switch 2017 to ensure compatibility. If you are a long time Switch user, then it is possible this configurator is still installed as a leftover of installations of old Switch versions.
Until a permanent fix is included in Switch, it is possible to avoid the crash by removing the ProofMaster configurator. This can be done using these steps:
  • Use Menu Help/Manage Configurator
  • Search for ProofMaster in the Installed source
  • Select it
  • Click the Uninstall Button
  • Please beware that after removing the configurator there might be one last crash upon restarting of Switch.
If you are using the ProofMaster configurator in combination with Switch 2017, please let us know.
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