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Solution TitleI'm getting the message "Please wait... Switch is completing the task you requested" constantly. How do I fix this?
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I frequently get a pop up window in Switch Designer "Please Wait.....Switch is completing the Task Requested" and I'm unable to do anything in Designer.

There can be a number of reasons for this message.

Whenever a flow is activated and counters on folders are to be shown, or whenever a user clicks on a folder and the folder content needs to be displayed in the Jobs pane, the Designer sends requests to Switch Server with tasks to scan backing folders and send back the content.

Switch Server can handle up to 5 such Designer tasks concurrently, all other arriving tasks are put in a queue. There are other similar tasks like calculating sample values for variables or validating flows which will also wait in such queues.

If Switch is set up to scan many shares with many folders and sub folders, and/or your network is slow, Switch Server may not be able to handle them quickly enough.  In this case, it might take some time to process these tasks, while processing the ‘waiting tasks’ are queued and the progress dialog with the message is shown.

Another possible cause is the scanning interval on these folders is set to a short interval in the Switch Preferences.  Frequent scanning can result in this message being shown as well.

Here are some possible workarounds to avoid this message.

•  Optimize flows to use less folders pointing to shared drives.

•  Increase scanning intervals for folders in the Switch preferences.

•  Close the Jobs pane and avoid random fast clicking on multiple folders on canvas.

•  Improve the network connection speed.

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