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Solution TitleJobs are getting stuck in folders in Switch
Solution Number00000766
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I sometimes have jobs that remain in the folder before PitStop Server and do not go to the Problem Jobs folder.

lf you are using a PitStop Server resource that requires a lot of processing time, for instance, "Check for Complex Pages", "Rasterize Page" or "Check Ink Density" and the PDFs are complex, it may take longer to process than the time out that is set in the Switch Preferences. Switch will then stop the PitStop Server configurator because it is processing longer than the time out preference.

As a result, the job can't be moved to the Problem Jobs folder in Switch and it remains in the folder before the PitStop Server configurator.

Set the time-out preference in Switch to a larger number to avoid the issue.  If the problem persists, you may also want to split the PDF pages prior to running the Action Lists and then recombine once the processing is complete.

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