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Solution TitleSwitch is only copying a few files simultaneously. How can I fix this?
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Switch has a hardcoded limitation that it will perform maximum 3 simultaneous disk operations at the same time. The reason for this is that doing more disk operations at the same time may lower the speed of the individual disk operations and therefore having loads of simultaneous disk operations may have a negative effect on performance.

The actual effect of more than 3 simultaneous disk operations depends on the situation, there might be situations where it is actually better to have more then 3 simultaneous disk operations.

If you are not using version 13 of Switch yet, please upgrade to this version since it contains an adjustment for the fact that in some situations the limitation was 1 instead of 3.

When you are in a situation where you want more then 3 simultaneous disk operations, please let Enfocus know via the Support Portal. The more people have a need for this limitation to change, the higher the priority it will get. Please also explain your situation so we get an overview of the situations where you run in the limitation.

There are some ways you can currently get around the limitation:
- Use a script to do the disk operations instead of a folder or Submit/Archive Hierarchy element. (Disk operations of scripts are not counted for the limitation)
- Use OSX/Windows system commands to move the jobs, using the Switch Execute Command Tool.
(Enfocus can help with this, please contact us via the support portal)
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