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Solution TitleMy Photoshop configurator has a red gear icon and I get scripting errors. How can I fix this?
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This is Mac only.
When I try to use my Adobe Photoshop connector I get a red gear icon on the configurator and scripting errors in the messages.


This could be caused by a shared drive having a name that is shared by an OS folder, such as "Users", "Applications" , "Color" or "Profiles" for example.


You can test to see if this is the problem by running a simple script in Photoshop. 

Download this simple Javascript here and run it in Photoshop via File>Scripts>Browse.  The script should return the message "Hello" .

If it does not, then the problem is likely the drive name problem.

The solution is to rename the drive to a unique name that is not used by the OS.

There is also an Adobe article on the topic here.
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