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Solution TitleI am using a proxy server and the Switch Webmessages webpage gives an error. How can I fix this?
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On systems using a proxy server, some browsers can experience issues displaying local webpages, those hosted on the same system.

This can be fixed by disabling the proxy for local webpages, those hosted on the same system as where the browser is running.  You can do so using these steps:

-    Open the Control Panel
-    Open the Category “Network and Internet”
-    Click “Internet options”
-    Open the Connections tab
-    Click the “LAN settings” button
-    Enable the “Bypass proxy server for local addresses” checkmark
-    Click OK
-    Click OK

-    Open System preferences
-    Open the Category “Network”
-    Select the Connection you are connected to the internet with (Ethernet or Wi-Fi)
-    Click the “Advanced…” button
-    Open the “Proxies” tab
-    Add localhost and to the comma separated list of hosts to ignore

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