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Solution TitleConnectors don't launch when using Virtual Printers
Solution Number00000735
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This is on Mac only.
When I am printing out of an application using the Connect Virtual Printer (this is using the "Print" command, not "Export") my Connectors do not launch.


Frequently when upgrading from Connect version 12.x to Connect version 13, the backend file is not updated.  Our development team is looking into the issue and will try to get it fixed in the next version.


• Delete the Connector(s)
• Go to Activity Monitor and quit "Enfocus Print Processor"
• Go to: /usr/libexec/cups/backend and remove this file "EnfocusConnectorBackend"   You can get to the folder by copying and pasting the path from here
  and pasting it in the Go To Folder pop up window.

• If the Connector has been provided to you, please contact the person or company to download the Connector again.  To install, simply double click on the Connector provided. 

• If you are the end user of Connect YOU, go to the application Connect YOU and select the connector and recreate

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