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Solution TitleI have installed PitStop Pro 13 and when I open PitStop the panel is stuck. How can I fix this?
Solution Number00000745
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If you are using older versions of the Prinergy Dotshop plugin in Acrobat in combination with PitStop Pro 13 or higher, then you can experience that a certain PitStop Pro panel is open and it is not possible to click anything or to close the panel. This is caused by an incompatibility of Prinergy Dotshop with PitStop Pro 13.

Kodak has fixed the issue in the Prinergy Dotshop plugin. Updated plug-ins are available with the latest release version of Prinergy (7.5). The Acrobat DC plug-ins are also available to licensed customers directly on Kodak Partner Place Knowledgebase, at Answer 72344.

If it is not possible to update Prinergy Dotshop, then it will be necessary to remove it from Acrobat to be able to use PitStop Pro.
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