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Solution TitleSafe Move is not working
Solution Number00000788
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When Switch is moving a file to a Network drive, it creates a temporary file with the prefix ".#" and once it finishes moving the job successfully the prefix is removed.  Some file servers do not accept files starting with a "." (dot) and the resulting files are invisible on the file server.


I have "Safe Move" set to "No" on a User Managed Network folder in my Switch flow but it is still adding the ".#" at the beginning of the file name, causing the file to be invisible on my server.


If the User Managed Network folder is after a traffic light connection as shown below, then Switch uses a copy operation rather than move operation. For this reason, Safe Move does not work here and Switch creates a temporary files with ".#" prefix to copy original files to the Network folder.


Add another folder after the folder with the traffic light connection and then "Safe Move = No"  will work and you will not get the temporary ".#" in file name.

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