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Solution TitleInvalid properties in the PitStop Server configurator after upgrading to PitStop Server 2018
Solution Number00000786
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When installing PitStop Server 2018, the PitStop Server configurator in Switch will be upgraded.
Each one of the properties (such as Preflight Profile, Action List, ...) will be evaluated and verified to be a valid path to an existing file to ensure the flow can be activated smoothly after upgrading the flow. Whenever that path would be invalid or no file is present at the resulting path, the property will be marked as invalid and the flow won't be able to start.

Some variables (especially the job specific variables) cannot be evaluated and thus not verified as - at the time of the flow upgrade - there is no active job. In those cases, it will be necessary to manually complete the property after the upgrade to allow Switch to start the flows with the affected PitStop Server elements.

There are three ways to work around this:

  • After importing: recreate the variable.
  • Alternatively, before importing: make sure the variable evaluates to a full path, and that the file it points to exists on the system where the flow is being imported. This is only feasible if the property does not use job-specific variables.
  • Change the variable to a script expression. Those are not affected.

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