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Solution TitleI'm using Acrobat DC 2017 and my PitStop Pro selection tool has become unresponsive or slow. What do I do?
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When I try to select anything with the PitStop Pro selection tool, nothing is selected or it takes a long time before it is selected. Other tools might be acting up to.


Adobe released Acrobat DC v.2017.009.20044 on April 11, 2017.  With that release, the selection tool of PitStop Pro was broken and would only start to work ok when Acrobat is open for some time. Other features are also affected.


You can use one of these workarounds:

- For perpetual Acrobat licenses, you can downgrade to Adobe Acrobat DC, which is possible if you have a static license here
- If you are on a Creative Cloud subscription, you can only downgrade a full version to Acrobat XI.
- If you keep Acrobat DC 2017, the workaround is to go to the "About PitStop Pro" window one time prior to using any PitStop Pro tool.  If you do this, the selection tool will be enabled once again.
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