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Solution TitleWhen do I have to deactivate my license?
Solution Number00000747
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Enfocus licenses are linked to the hardware fingerprint of the system on which they are activated.  This fingerprint includes but is not limited to, RAM, Video, Audio and Network Cards and Hard Disks, for example.  If the hardware fingerprint changes in any way while an Enfocus license is activated, the license will enter a “Broken” status, blocking the software usage.

Be sure to deactivate your Enfocus license before performing any of the following changes:
  • Making a change to the hardware of the system
  • Making a change to the virtual hardware of the virtual machine on which an Enfocus license is activated
  • Moving the virtual machine on which an Enfocus license is activated to a different server
  • Doing a major OS upgrade of the system
  • Doing a major Acrobat upgrade (when using PitStop Pro)
Once the changes are complete, you can proceed to reactivate your license and software usage will resume.  Contact Enfocus Support in the event that you’ve changed a system’s hardware fingerprint without first deactivating your Enfocus license.  Be sure to include your product keys (including full and upgrade keys, if applicable) and a description of what steps occurred leading up to the “Broken” license status.

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