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Solution TitleAdobe Configurators in Switch 13
Solution Number00000722
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A new version of the Adobe configurators  has been developed to support the latest versions of the Adobe products (Adobe CC 2015 and Acrobat DC). The 'old' version (compatible with Adobe CC 2014, Adobe CS6 and Acrobat X/XI) is installed with Switch13, to avoid that existing flows are broken.

If you would like to use the new configurators that support the new Adobe versions, you must install them as described below.

Note:  If you're using older Adobe versions, you don't have to do anything. The Adobe configurators (integrated in Switch) still work as before.


Installing the Adobe configurators for use with Adobe CC 2015 and Adobe Acrobat DC:

By default, the Adobe configurators installed with Switch are C++ versions compatible with "older" Adobe versions (Adobe CC 2014, Adobe CS6, Acrobat X and XI). However, if you're using one of the latest versions of the Adobe products (Adobe CC 2015 or Adobe Acrobat DC), you need the new versions of the Adobe configurators, i.e. the ones developed as scripted plug-ins. You can download these new scripted configurators from the Crossroads website or install them through Pack Manager as described below.

  • Just like for other configurators for 3rd party applications, you must have activated or installed the Adobe products on the computer on which Switch Server is running. Otherwise you will not be able to use these configurators.
  • You must have licensed the Configurator module.
  • You must install each Adobe configurator separately (Distiller, Photoshop, Acrobat, ...). It is not possible to install all Adobe configurators in one go.

To install a scripted Adobe configurator

  1. In Switch, go to  Help >  Manage configurators . Enfocus Pack Manager is displayed.
  2. In the Sources column, click Installed.
  3. Select the appropriate Adobe configurator.
    You will see an orange icon at the right hand side indicating that an older version (i.e. the C++ version) of the configurator has been installed.
  4. Click Update. A dialog appears.
  5. To close Switch, click  File >  Stop Switch Server .
  6. To confirm your choice, in the Enfocus Pack Manager dialog, click  OK.
    After a while, the icon turns green, indicating that the most recent version (i.e. The scripted version) has been installed.
  7. Start Switch.

The Adobe configurator in the Flow Elements pane now supports the latest Adobe versions.

Tip: To ensure you have installed the appropriate version, open the configurator documentation (via the context menu in the Elements pane) and check the version number.

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