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Solution TitleAcrobat DC tools preview incorrectly
Solution Number00000720
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All my PitStop Pro tools look like building blocks in Acrobat DC. 

This is a bug in Acrobat DC for Mac, related to high-resolution Retina displays. 

The workaround is to locate the "Adobe" file (in /Applications/Adobe Acrobat DC), right-click and select "Get Info", then check the "Open in Low Resolution" box.

You may want to use the custom tool attached.  It makes Acrobat DC much more user friendly with PitStop Pro.

To load the tool set, open a PDF and to go to the 'Create Custom Tool' in Tools and select 'import' (unzip the download first).

Once you've done that an icon called 'Enfocus' will become available that loads the needed tools.

Download Tool Set

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