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Solution TitleColor Management not available in Acrobat DC
Solution Number00000718
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Adobe Color Management is only offered in 32 bit. It is not available in 64 bit.

All versions of Acrobat, with the exception of Acrobat DC,  have the option to run in 32 bit and therefore could use Adobe Color Management and PitStop Pro could therefore use the color management settings from Acrobat.

Acrobat DC can only run in 64 bit, so therefore Adobe Color Management is not an option with Acrobat DC.

It is recommended to use the Little CMS as it has black point compensation as does Adobe CMM and it will give you the closest match.  You can set up the profiles the same as you did with Adobe CMM but use Little CMS instead. The difference is not visible to the human eye, they are very very close.

Step One:  Open your PitStop Pro Preferences>Color Management.  Double click on the currently applied set to to open.  Rename with a custom name.  If you are using "Settings from Acrobat" as your currently applied, you will need to open the Enfocus Default and change the settings to match your Acrobat settings, changing only the CMS Engine and Black Point compensation.

Step Two:  Change to Little CMS and check the Black Point Compensation box and save and apply.

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