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Solution TitleWhen is a Floating License seat taken from the available seat list?
Solution Number00000842
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With PitStop Pro it's possible to order Floating license keys. These are keys that are managed by a central license server within the network and are distributed amongst the connected client systems that require a license seat. The amount of seats available is limited to the ordered amount of seats, and each seat is taken or released upon the client's system request.

In the normal case, PitStop Pro will wait as long as possible to take the license. This practically means that it would only take the license if you really activate a PitStop tool.
There is an exception to this: The last license state PitStop was in is tracked (unlicensed, trial, fully licensed, network license,...). When this state changes (like going from unlicensed to licensed), we immediately request the license after Acrobat has started. This is thus before you even used a PitStop tool. This takes about 1 to 2 startups to stabilize after which we go back to the "trusted" situation where we only take the license when it is really needed.

In case you start disconnecting users in the Workgroup Manager, they will go back to the unlicensed state which means the process would start over. In that case it could be possible for a user to start Acrobat, do nothing and still take a network license.

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