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Solution TitleWhy do my webservice API calls fail with 'User x has no permission for this operation.' error?
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When trying to make API calls, they fail with an error message 'User x has no permission for this operation.'.

Starting from Switch 17, there's a Web Services API implemented in Switch. This allows you to use API calls to the Switch to retrieve or send data. 
To do so, it's necessary to first make a log in-call and receive a token with which follow up calls can be made.

In the Switch User pane the API user needs to be configured to - 'Submit and check jobs' and 'accessible jobs should be set to 'all jobs' or 'own jobs'. 
In Switch 17 and 18, if the above is correctly set, yet the API call still returns 'User X has no permission for this operation.' check :
Switch > Preferences > Internal Communication > Job client type. 
The Job Client Type, to use the REST API, should be set to 'Default'. If set to 'Legacy' you'll receive the error 'user xxx has no permission for this operation'.
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