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Solution TitleError message “tmpacquiredfile.tmp access is denied” on Windows 10
Solution Number00000831
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This error message is related to an update of Adobe Acrobat released recently.

It seems since the update, Acrobat is now started automatically when (re)starting your Windows system. When Acrobat is started that way, the tmp error might be returned. Closing Acrobat and restarting it manually will resolve that problem until the next (re)start of your system.

If you still receive a tmp error after restarting Acrobat, it is very likely you have Protected Mode enabled in the Acrobat preferences (Acrobat > Preferences > General > Security (Enhanced)). If that is the case, please disable that option in order to avoid this error being triggered.

Adobe communicated the issue is resolved in the Acrobat 2020.9.20067 update. If you are not running this version yet, please make sure to update to that version.

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